4-part a cappella American musical form

What we sing is the barbershop style of music – which has to do with the way the music we sing is arranged. What is most important to you as a singer is that while it is 4-part music, you don’t sing alone in a chorus (although you would sing your part by yourself if you choose to join a quartet). The four parts we sing are below, with what is sung the majority of the time: 

  • Lead  – the melody, in the mid-alto range
  • Tenor – the higher harmony above the Lead, often in the higher range like a soprano
  • Baritone – the midrange harmony, in the same range as Lead but as a harmony part
  • Bass – the lowest harmony, often in the male tenor/baritone range

So there are parts of any range of singer!

Also, you do NOT need to read music to sing in the chorus. While it is certainly helpful, we have many ways of learning your notes and words, including learning tracks.  If you love to sing, come give us a try!

We are a fun group of ladies who have a unique sisterhood. If you’re interested in coming to try out this special style of singing, email us at

Area 4 Convention & Contest, Harmony, Inc
June 2019

Harmony Magic’s
“Harmony Laugh-In Show”
Feb 2019

Singing with the Men of Note chorus at the Seiberling Mansion, November, 2018

Singing the Star Spangled Banner for the Jackrabbits’ baseball game, July, 2017

Holiday show, Tipton, IN, December, 2017